Clavia Nord Stage (88 keys)
Clavia Nord Stage 2 EX (88 keys)
Clavia Nord Electro 5 D (61 & 73 keys)
Korg Kronos 2 (88 keys)
Korg SV-1 (88 keys)
Korg Triton LE (73 keys)
Roland RD-800 (88 keys)
Alesis V-49 midi / usb
Novation Impulse 61 midi / usb
M-Audio Hammer 88 midi / usb
Piano Roland GP-607
Fender Rhodes MKI and MKII
Hammond B3 + Leslie
More on request


Roland KC-550


Single stand "X style"
Double stand "Spider style" 
Double stand "X + extension style" 
Piano bench 
Sustain pedal
Volume / expression pedal
Switch pedal
   and other accessories


We work in collaboration with nice partners who rent acoustic pianos (Yamaha / Steinway / etc.)